#MyBybitReel Video Competition

We’re looking for users to get inspired, create, and share video content about Bybit! Your videos may be about anything, including a review of our platform, favorite features, and functions, or any other coins you want in the future!

Cash prizes totaling $1,350 in BTC and $450 in USDT are up for grabs!

Your submission can be in video formats such as a meme, GIF, animation, or even a short skit. We look forward to seeing those creative juices flow and be wowed by some mind-blowing video content! 

There will be four sets of prizes overall, with BTC cash prizes going out to the five best entries. On top of that, users will also stand to win USDT cash prizes for three special categories — Most Informative, Most Creative, and Best Local Community. 

Total cash rewards up for grabs: $1,350 in BTC and $450 in USDT!

Campaign Period

Sep 7 – Sep 29, 2020 10AM (UTC)


Main Prize:
1st Place: $500 in BTC
2nd Place: $350 in BTC
3rd Place: $250 in BTC
4th Place: $150 in BTC
5th Place: $100 in BTC

Special Category Prizes: 
Most Informative: $150 in USDT
Most Creative: $150 in USDT
Most Creative: $150 in USDT

How to Participate: 

Step 1: Register Your Interest

Complete the sign-up form to confirm your participation. 

Step 2: Create Your Video

Decide on your video topic/concept before creating your content. You can check out our social media channels, blog, and YouTube for inspiration. 

Here are some ideas:

1. Bybit Review: Why Bybit? What sets Bybit apart from the other platforms? What makes Bybit your number one choice to trade?

2. Bybit Platform: Platform walkthrough, feature walkthrough, Platform Tips & Tricks. How to use Mutual Insurance/Strategy Alert

3. Favorite Bybit Feature: Linear Contracts, Take-Profit/Stop-Loss, Mutual Insurance, Strategy Alert 

3. Share your analysis of the features/innovations of the Bybit platform. 

4. Tell us what coin(s) you would like to see listed and why? (You never know, we might just have some of your favorite coins launching soon)

Video Creation Tips:

· Think out of the box
· Stay on topic
· Add your creative flair
· Do you research 
· Practice using Bybit’s new tools on our Testnet
· Subtitles go a long way 

Note: Each video is recommended to be at least 45-60 seconds long (Bonus points will be given to high-quality videos. Any type of video format is accepted. Bybit website link must be included in the video description.

Step 3: Publish on YouTube, share on Social Media & Telegram channels

To qualify for rewards, all participants will have to do the following:

· Follow @Bybit_Official on Twitter and join @BybitEnglish or your local Bybit Telegram Community. 

· Publish your content on your preferred social media account, such as Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

1. Tweet your submission with the hashtag, #MyBybitReel

2. Tag @Bybit_Official and two friends along with your submission

Optional: Leave a message in @BybitEnglish Telegram group with the hashtag, #MyBybitReel, and include a link to the post.

Winners will be evaluated based on the following:

Main Prize:
· Most views & likes on Social Media (40%)
· Evaluation by the Bybit team (60%)

Special Categories:
· Evaluation by the Bybit team

Special category prizes will be determined by a panel of Bybit team members who will score each video on the quality, content, and creativity at the end of which, all scores will be averaged and final winners will be those with the highest average scores.

Terms and Conditions:
· All submissions must be original. 
· Bybit will announce the winners within 10 business days after the campaign ends via our official channels. 
· Rewards will be distributed 10 business days after the conclusion of the competition.
· By participating in this competition, authorship remains with the participant. However, the participant must agree to transfer the copyright of the submitted video to Bybit. All participants grant Bybit the right to, including but not limited to, copy, edit, display, and publish the submissions.
· Bybit reserves the right of final interpretation.
· Bybit reserves the right to amend or cancel the activity or activity rules at our sole discretion.