The Bybit Review April 2020: The Latest News From Bybit

Here is a look at the latest updates and developments at Bybit from April 2020, including the launch of the USDT perpetual contract.


USDT perpetual contract live!

In April, the USDT perpetual contract (beta version) was added to the evergrowing list of derivatives products on the Bybit platform. The most popular stablecoin in the world by market capitalisation, USDT (Tether), which is pegged to the US dollar, is used as both the quote and settlement currency for the contract.

Allowing for two-way trades (traders can hold both long and short positions at the same time and with different amounts of leverage), the USDT perpetual contact offers a different option for traders away from the volatility that sometime strikes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For a detailed explanation of how the contract works, check out the lowdown and the breakdown of the USDT perpetual contract. If you’d like to know more about the currency USDT, have a read of this Bybit guide to USDT.

Also, check out below a video on how USDT perpetual contacts are different from inverse perpetual contracts:

In addition, the USDT perpetuals contract API has been recently updated and improved. The API documentation for the USDT perpetual contract and all Bybit API resources can all be found in one place.

TokenBot now approved third party application on Bybit

TokenBot has been added to the list of approved third party applications on Bybit, making API management for our traders easier and more convenient than ever before. TokenBot has made it even easier for you by kindly laying out a step by step process of how to bind your TokenBot account to your Bybit account.

Bybit mobile app update

Version 1.7.3 has been released of the Bybit mobile app. There have been improvements made to the overall user experience, and minor bugs fixed. Download from the App Store and Google Play now!


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