Whale Watching — July 7

We’re seeing some rare whale activity spotted in the BTC market, with whale SOPR dipping into the negative territory in the first week of July 2021, and no clear indication of upward movement anytime soon.

Drop the Beat — July 6

The road to $40,000 has not been smooth, with China’s recent mining crackdown and other regulatory difficulties coming into play. Here’s the silver lining — with BTC price hovering around the $33,000 range, the Mayer Multiple stands at -0.76, indicating a positive signal for traders.

Big Dipper — July 5

Inflation rates for the world’s bellwether cryptocurrency in the months leading up to the May 2020 halving event and after that remained consistent in the 3.6% – 4.0% and 1.8% – 2.0% ranges respectively.

Hood Up — July 2

After Coinbase’s rather disappointing direct listing where its stock has fallen below the $250 reference price, another popular company and crypto trading platform — Robinhood— seeks to go public.