This Is the DAO — June 17

BitDAO, has garnered support from a number of high-profile participants, including Peter Thiel and Alan Howard, who collectively have backed BitDAO’s $230 million funding round.

Hello Again, $40k — June 15

After establishing a strong foothold above $38.5k and the 100-hourly moving average, the price of Bitcoin could be on track to extend its gains to the upper $41k region in the near term.

Bolt! — June 14

Network capacity has just exceeded 1,500 BTC, and that’s not all — network nodes and channels, alongside capacity, have reached their respective all-time highs.

Knee-Jerk — June 11

The price of Bitcoin settled well above the $35k level, yet failed to extend its gains beyond $38,500 — not for a lack of trying. Bullish signals are likely to remain active as whales and long-term holders have been buying the dip and stacking for the past week.

Why So Negative? — June 10

Despite last night’s pump that propelled the price of Bitcoin back to $36k, perpetual swap funding rates across major exchanges have dived deeper into the negative territory, indicating that bears are doubling down on short positions.

Taxing Times — June 9

Chart of the Day Wrapped Up. A significant percentage of Bitcoin’s circulating supply has been tokenized and locked up in…

Cryptonian Blast — June 7

Nayib Bukele, El Salvador’s controversial president and the latest member of the Twitter Laser Eye club, announced his intention to submit a legislative proposal to grant Bitcoin the status of legal tender in his home country during the Bitcoin 2021 conference held in Miami.