New Launch: ETHUSD Futures Contracts

Crypto assets across the globe took a hit earlier this week, with price swings in some of the most popular coins catching many traders off guard.

Ether, the world’s second largest crypto by market cap which just a week prior broke past its $4,300 all-time-high mark, declined sharply by about 50% at the time of this announcement.

What if you could determine your futures today?

Enter ETHUSD Futures Contracts: an environment where you can utilize the unique features offered by Bybit to further diversify your trading strategies — whether for leverage or risk control.

ETH Futures Begins Now

ETHUSD0625 is now available for trade on the PC site, and ETHUSD0924 will list in the upcoming week.

Both contracts have the same key advantages as BTCUSD Futures Contracts and will be available on the Bybit app in the near future.

• Shared Insurance Fund with the ETHUSD Perpetual Contracts to minimize Auto-Deleveraging (ADL) risks

• One-way mode and hedge mode both supported to allow traders the flexibility to implement hedging strategies (cross margin)

• Shared common wallet balance and available balance for ETH with ETHUSD Perpetual Contracts to maximize fund utilization

• No funding fee involved

ETH not now, then when? Healthy correction or weekend rout — there is no better time to ride the crypto wave. 😉

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