Bybit Launchpad: BIT/USDT Now Live

We are pleased to announce that Bybit Launchpad’s first project — BIT Listing — is now live. The new spot pair, BIT/USDT, is available for trades on Bybit’s web version and the Bybit app!

You can now buy and sell BIT on the spot with zero maker fees and the lowest possible taker fee of 0.1%.

In the meantime, check out your Spot Account to view BIT earned from the token allocation and lottery.

Please note that the amount of BIT you hold will determine your token allocation amount for all upcoming projects on the Bybit Launchpad.

We’ve got just a BIT more events for you — coming afresh.

Bybit Launchpool: From 00:00AM on Sept. 29, 2021 to 00:00AM UTC on Oct. 13, 2021, stake BIT to earn BIT with the highest annualized percentage yield (APY) in town.

Bybit Airdrop: From 10:00AM UTC on Sept. 29, 2021 to 9:59AM UTC on Oct. 16, 2021, meet the min. trading days and volume thresholds to grab up to 600 BIT.

Mark your calendar and get ready to take the BIT(e)!